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Welcome to the realm of mining materials at LongYue, where we open the doors to a vast and dynamic market in China. Mining materials play a pivotal role in powering industries, and the Chinese market provides an expansive platform for exploration, trade, and growth.

China, with its ever-evolving industrial landscape, has become a focal point for mining materials. The demand for resources to fuel infrastructure, construction, and technological advancements creates an unprecedented opportunity for those engaged in the mining sector. As a trusted partner, LongYue offers a gateway for businesses looking to navigate this thriving market.

Our commitment extends beyond providing access to materials; we strive to foster mutually beneficial relationships. With a deep understanding of the mining industry and China’s economic landscape, LongYue acts as a facilitator, connecting global suppliers with the vast potential that China’s market offers.

Embrace the future of mining materials with LongYue as your guide. Navigate the complexities of international trade, tap into the extensive Chinese market, and embark on a journey where opportunities are as abundant as the resources themselves. Together, let’s forge paths of success in the dynamic landscape of mining materials in China.

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China's Industrial Market
Global Mining Material Supply Chain: Fueling China's Industrial Dominance
Iranian Opportunities in the China Market
Case Studies

China, being a global economic powerhouse, relies heavily on imports to meet its vast and diverse industrial needs. Several countries contribute significantly to China's mining material imports, supplying essential resources that fuel its infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.

We are expert

Navigating Seamless Imports to
Fuel China's Growth


/ Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing Solutions: Leverage our expertise to identify and engage with trusted suppliers worldwide, ensuring a seamless and reliable supply chain for your material needs.


/ Management

Customs Compliance Management: Navigate the complexities of international trade effortlessly. Our team ensures your imports meet all regulatory standards, facilitating smooth customs clearance and compliance with Chinese regulations.


/ Logistics

Logistics Optimization: From port to destination, we streamline logistics for efficiency. Our comprehensive logistics solutions ensure timely and cost-effective transportation of your materials to any location in China.


/ Inspection

Hub embraces holistic development and support for employees the aim of being a first-choice employer our sectors. Since the 1980s, as theaQuality Assurance and Inspection Services: Upholding the highest standards, we offer thorough quality checks and inspections.

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Maad Koush Iron Ore Pelletizing Plant

Our Work

Iron Ore Pellet

Unrivaled Expertise in Importing Key Resources from Iran


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Iron Ore

Iron Ore

Villa Architect
Iron Ore Pellet

Iron Ore Pellet

Villa Architect


Villa Architect
Years of experience in importing materials to China.
The material market in China, belonging to Iran, has experienced an average change of 28%.
Iran's trade with China has been on the rise, reaching almost $16 billion in 2022, indicating a growing economic partnership

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